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Belmont Children's Farm is a privately owned Educational and Commercial 180 acre livestock farm uniquely located in Mill Hill, North London. The farms objective is to Educate Children and Adults about the countryside, farming and where their food comes from whilst getting them up close and face to face with the animals that produce it.

Given the recent publicity surrounding the farming sector, particularly that of the Milk and Lamb pricing situation is has become more and more prevalent to the public that farmers in the UK are struggling to make a sustainable living. This hasn't been aided in the slightest by supermarkets using farm products in pricing wars to get customers through the doors. It has fast become clear to us that the prices being paid to farmers in all sectors are unfair and will undoubtedly cripple the industry if left to continue changing the shape of the countryside for future generations – After all, what would the countryside look like with no livestock or farmers to manage them?

One of the Belmont Farms main focuses is to promote the agricultural sector and the jobs within it to children from across London - from general animal husbandry and farm work to the veterinary sector. With this, the farm has over 30 regular volunteers from various backgrounds that come to learn and experience farm life every week and in excess of 300 work experience students annually from across London who wish to pursue a career in the animal care and farming sector. At the moment, many of them would question a future within the industry as it appears to have an unsustainable outlook.

We have bought our pet Dairy Cow Maple and Sheep today to meet the public of London and highlight the importance of food security and the challenges that will be bought to the farming industry if it continues to be down trodden as a profession amongst the younger generation.

We want to see more commitment from the Government and the public towards British produce from British farmers with some of the highest standards of welfare in the world, so they can have a sustainable future, acknowledging the importance of 'grass root' entrants to the industry from all backgrounds.

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