If you are coming to belmont make sure to check out what activities are running the day you come. These activities allow you to get even more hands on with the animals making your trip to the farm a trip you won't forget

Please Note: The times provided below are only a guideline, please check the times at reception for daily changes to avoid disappointment

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Meet the Cows

Come along in the morning and meet our lovely herd of jersey cows and their calves. During this session the keeper will explain to you a little about the dairy industry and talk to you about the lives of the cows at Belmont Farm. It's an amazing time to learn a little more about cows, and where you Milk comes from, and if your lucky you may even get a slobbery kiss from a cow.

Meet The Small Animals

This is your chance to get up close and personal with our little furry friends. Join us every day at 11am, 1pm, 3pm to meet our cute little furry friends. From rabbits to rats, a Meet The Small Animals session is a great way to get hands on contact with some of the animals on the farm. If you have no experience handling animals before, no need to worry as each session staffed by experienced staff and volunteers who will help you out!

Every day they now ask... ‘mummy can we go and cuddle the bunnies?’
— Zarah
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Tractor & Trailer Ride

Every hour, there is a Tractor and Trailer ride to give farm goers an opportunity to have a look around the wider farm. The Tractor and Trailer Ride takes you down into the valley past fields full of sheep and our pond with a huge array of ducks, geese and guinea fowl. It then continues past the sand school where, if you’re lucky, you might see a horse being trained. Then, on your way back, you loop around past different fields with ponies, rhea, reindeer and pigs; finally arriving back at the bottom of the valley next to the polytunnel where you will disembark. The Tractor and Trailer ride is a round trip that takes about 15 minutes. The cost is £2.50 per person and tickets can be purchased at reception. We advise you book upon entry to the farm to avoid the time slot you want being sold out.

Please Note: on quiet days, there may be fewer rides. Please check with reception when you arrive.




Meet The Sheep

Join us to meet some of the Belmont Farm Flock. This is your chance to say 'Hello' to some of the wooliest animals on the farm as they explore the farm led by our staff. 

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Meet The Ponies

Everyday the ponies will be in the Polytunnel waiting to see all visitors. This is your chance to get some personal time in with our ponies Dinky and Splash. Be ready for cheekiness and all of your general animal feed to vanish when these two are patrolling the farm.




Meet The Owl

Join us late in the day and watch our Owl having its dinner. This is your opportunity to ask and learn more about our Owl, Claude, from our staff. Ever wondered what kind of animals they hunt? Where they live? Why do they 'Hoot'? This is the session in which to answer all your questions.

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